Lightning Talks

Enabling Caching Data Stores to Provide High Performance at Low Cost
David Lomet* (Microsoft Research)
In for a Surprise when Migrating NoSQL Data
Uta Störl* (University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt),  Alexander Tekleab (University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt), Stefanie Scherzinger (OTH Regensburg),  Meike Klettke (Universität Rostock)
Teaching In-Memory Database Systems the Detection of Hardware Errors
Wolfgang Lehner* (TU Dresden), Dirk Habich (TU Dresden), Till Kolditz (TU Dresden)
Artifact Evaluation: FAD or Real News?
Bruce Childers* (University of Pittsburgh), Panos Chrysanthis (University of Pittsburgh)
Towards Data-Less Big Data Analytics
Peter Triantafillou* (University of Warwick)
Learning the interaction between users and DBMS
Ben McCamish* (Oregon State University),  Arash Termehchy (Oregon State University), Behrouz Touri (University of California San Diego),  Liang Huang (Oregon State University)
Decomposing and Re-composing Lightweight Compression Schemes – and Why it Matters
Eyal Rozenberg* (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica Amsterdam)
Love at First Sight: MonetDB/TensorFlow
Ying Zhang* (MonetDB Solutions), Richard Koopmanschap (MonetDB Solutions),  Martin Kersten (CWI Amsterdam)
Human-Database Interaction: A Holistic Approach
Mohamed Sarwat* (Arizona State University), Venkata Vamsikrishna Meduri (Arizona State University)
There is No Dichotomy Between Effectiveness and Efficiency in Keyword Search Over Databases
Arash Termehchy* (Oregon State University), Vahid Ghadakchi (Oregon Sate University)
Data Series Management: Fulfilling the Need for Big Sequence Analytics
Themis Palpanas* (Paris Descartes University)
Industry Standards for Benchmarking Artificial Intelligence Systems
Raghunath Nambiar* (Cisco)