Query Processing & Concurrency Control

Industrial Track on Wednesday (11:00 – 12:30)

Chair: Yongluan Zhou

Accelerating Joins and Aggregations on the Oracle In-Memory Database
Shasank Chavan (Oracle), Ekrem Soylemez (Oracle), A.A Hopeman (Oracle), Dennis Lui (Oracle), Sangho Lee (Oracle), Ajit Mylavarapu (Oracle)
Rethinking Concurrency Control for In-Memory OLAP DBMSs
Pedro Pedreira (Facebook Inc.)
SHC: Distributed Query Processing for Non-Relational Data Store
Yongyang Yu (Purdue University), Mingjie Tang (Hortonworks), Weiqing Yang (Hortonworks), Yanbo Liang (Hortonworks)
Partial Update: Efficient Materialized View Maintenance in a Distributed Graph Database
SungJu Cho (LinkedIn), Roman Averbukh (LinkedIn), Yanwei Zhang (Georgia Tech), Andrew Carter (Linkedin), Jane Jan (Uber)
Efficiently Processing Temporal Queries on HyperLedger Fabric (Short paper)
Himanshu Gupta (IBM), Sandeep Hans (IBM Research), Kushagra Aggarwal (IIT Kharagpur), Sameep Mehta (IBM Research), Bapi Chatterjee (IBM Research), Praveen Jayachandran (IBM Research)