Research Track on Thursday

Thursday, 10:30-12:00

Research Session 18: Query Processing, Indexing, and Optimization

Chair: Themis Palpanas (Paris Descartes University)

Efficient Computation of A Near-Maximum Independent Set Over Evolving Graphs

Weiguo Zheng (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Qichen Wang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Jeffrey Xu Yu (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Hong Cheng (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Lei Zou (Peking University)

A GPU Accelerated Update Efficient Index for kNN Queries in Road Networks

Chuanwen Li (Northeastern University), Yu Gu (Northeastern University), Jianzhong Qi (University of Melbourne), Jiayuan He (University of Melbourne), Qingxu Deng (Northeastern University), Ge Yu (Northeastern University)

A Generic Inverted Index Framework for Similarity Search on the GPU

Jingbo Zhou (Baidu), Qi Guo (NUS), H.V. Jagadish (University of Michigan), Lubos Krcal (NUS), Siyuan Liu (Nanyang Technological University), Wenhao Luan (NUS), Anthony Tung (NUS), Yueji Yang (NUS), Yuxin Zheng (Tencent Inc.)

Finding Diverse Neighbors in High Dimensional Space

Qi Guo (NUS), H.V. Jagadish (University of Michigan), Anthony Tung (NUS), Yuxin Zheng (Tencent Inc.)

Research Session 19: Scalable Analytics, Graph, RDF, Web Data and Social Networks

Chair: Vassilis Christophides (Inria)

Budget-Constrained Organization of Influential Social Events

Kai Han (University of Science and Technology of China), Yuntian He (University of Science and Technology of China), Xiaokui Xiao (National University of Singapore), Shaojie Tang (University of Texas at Dallas), Fei Gui (University of Science and Technology of China), Chaoting Xu (University of Science and Technology of China), Jun Luo (Nanyang Technological University)

Joint Event-Partner Recommendation in Event-based Social Networks

Hongzhi Yin (The University of Queensland), Lei Zou (Peking University), Quoc Viet Hung Nguyen (Griffith University), Zi Huang (University of Queensland), Xiaofang Zhou (University of Queensland)

Inf2vec: Latent Representation Model for Social Influence Embedding

Shanshan Feng (IHPC), Gao Cong (Nanyang Technological University), Arijit Khan (Nanyang Technological University), Xiucheng Li (Nanyang Technological University), Yong Liu (IHPC), Yeow Meng Chee (Nanyang Technological University)

Query Independent Scholarly Article Ranking

Shuai Ma (Beihang University), Chen Gong (Beihang University), Renjun Hu (Beihang University), Dongsheng Luo (Beihang University), Chunming Hu (Beihang University), Jinpeng Huai (Beihang University)

Thursday, 14:00-15:30

Research Session 20: Data Science and Scientific Data

Chair: Sonia Bergamaschi (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia)

Why-not Questions on Top-k Geo-Social Keyword Queries in Road Networks

Jingwen Zhao (Zhejiang University), Yunjun Gao (Zhejiang University), Gang Chen (Zhejiang University), Rui Chen (Zhejiang University)

ArrayBridge: Interweaving declarative array processing in SciDB with imperative HDF5-based programs

Haoyuan Xing (The Ohio State University), Sofoklis Floratos (The Ohio State University), Spyros Blanas (The Ohio State University), Suren Byna (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Prabhat (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Kesheng Wu (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Paul Brown (Paradigm4)

Aurum: A Data Discovery System

Raul Castro Fernandez (MIT), Ziawasch Abedjan (TU Berlin), Famien Koko (MIT), Gina Yuan (MIT), Samuel Madden (MIT), Michael Stonebraker (MIT)

Seeping Semantics: Linking Datasets using Word Embeddings for Data Discovery

Raul Castro Fernandez (MIT), Essam Mansour (Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU), Abdulhakim Qahtan (Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU), Ahmed Elmagarmid (Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU), Ihab Ilyas (U. of Waterloo), Samuel Madden (MIT), Mourad Ouzzani (Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU), Michael Stonebraker (MIT), Nan Tang (Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU)

Research Session 21: Query Processing, Indexing, and Optimization

Chair: Viktor Leis (TUM)

Generating Optimal Plans for Boolean Expressions

Fisnik Kastrati (University of Mannheim), Guido Moerkotte (University of Mannheim)

A Graph-based Database Partitioning Method for Parallel OLAP Query Processing

Yoon-Min Nam (DGIST), Min-Soo Kim (DGIST), Donghyoung Han (DGIST)

A GPU-accelerated Framework for Processing Trajectory Queries

Bowen Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Yanyan Shen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Yanmin Zhu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Jiadi Yu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Reproducible Floating-Point Aggregation in RDMBSs

Ingo Müller (Systems Group, Dept. of Computer Science, ETH Zurich), Andrea Arteaga (Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss), Torsten Hoefler (Systems Group, Dept. of Computer Science, ETH Zurich), Gustavo Alonso (Systems Group, Dept. of Computer Science, ETH Zurich)

Research Session 22: Temporal, Spatial, Mobile and Multimedia Data

Chair: Hongzhi Yin (University of Queensland)

Price-and-Time-Aware Dynamic Ridesharing

Lu Chen (Aalborg University), Qilu Zhong (Zhejiang University), Xiaokui Xiao (National University of Singapore), Yunjun Gao (Zhejiang University), Pengfei Jin (Zhejiang University), Christian S. Jensen (Aalborg University)

Learning to Route with Sparse Trajectory Sets

Chenjuan Guo (Aalborg University), Bin Yang (Aalborg University), Jilin Hu (Aalborg University), Christian S. Jensen (Aalborg University)

Effective and Efficient User Account Linkage Across Location Based Social Networks

Wei Chen (Soochow University), Hongzhi Yin (The University of Queensland), Weiqing Wang (The University of Queensland), Lei Zhao (Soochow University), Xiaofang Zhou (University of Queensland)

CiNCT: Compression and retrieval of massive vehicular trajectories via relative movement labeling

Satoshi Koide (Toyota Central R&D Labs.), Yukihiro Tadokoro (Toyota Central R&D Labs.), Chuan Xiao (Nagoya University), Yoshiharu Ishikawa (Nagoya University)

Thursday, 16:00-17:30

Research Session 23: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Chair: Gao Cong (Nanyang Technological University)

Knowledge Base Enhancement via Data Facts and Crowdsourcing

Linnan Jiang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Lei Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Zhao Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Scalable Tucker Factorization for Sparse Tensors – Algorithms and Discoveries

Sejoon Oh (Seoul National University), Namyong Park (Carnegie Mellon University), Sael Lee (Seoul National University), U Kang (Seoul National University)

TPA: Fast, Scalable, and Accurate Method for Approximate Random Walk with Restart on Billion Scale Graphs

Minji Yoon (Seoul National University), Jinhong Jung (Seoul National University), U Kang (Seoul National University)

M2TD: Multi-Task Tensor Decomposition for Sparse Ensemble Simulations

Xinsheng Li (Arizona State University), K. Selçuk Candan (Arizona State University), Maria Luisa Sapino (University of Torino)

Research Session 24: Temporal and Probabilistic Data

Chair: Yingxia Shao (Peking University)

Enabling Quality Control for Entity Resolution: A Human and Machine Cooperative Framework

Zhaoqiang Chen (Northwestern Polytechnical University), Qun Chen (Northwestern Polytechnical University), Fengfeng Fan (Northwestern Polytechnical University), Yanyan Wang (Northwestern Polytechnical University), Zhuo Wang (Northwestern Polytechnical University), Youcef Nafa (Northwestern Polytechnical University), Zhanhuai Li (Northwestern Polytechnical University), Hailong Liu (Northwestern Polytechnical University), Wei Pan (Northwestern Polytechnical University)

Robust Discovery of Positive and Negative Rules in Knowledge-Bases

Stefano Ortona (Meltwater), Venkata Vamsikrishna Meduri (Arizona State University), Paolo Papotti (EURECOM)

Supporting Set Operations in Temporal-Probabilistic Databases

Katerina Papaioannou (University of Zurich), Martin Theobald (University of Luxembourg), Michael Böhlen (University of Zurich)

Efficient Probabilistic K-Core Computation on Uncertain Graphs

You Peng (the University of New South Wales), Ying Zhang (Univ. of Technology Sydney), Wenjie Zhang (University of New South Wales), Xuemin Lin (University of New South Wales), Lu Qin (UTS)